Z31 dashboard

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Z31 dashboard

Login or Sign Up. Dash Protection in The Form of a Cover? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I know this has been covered before in the past, I was searching the forum and saw some pretty old posts.

My dash is cracked very badly, it only happened this year. From not a crack to completely destroyed. The friend that I turned the black 86 that was rusted out hooked me up with the dash. I have injected epoxy in some of the obvious spots that would crack and or were separating.

I am installing the new dash tonight, my question is what is everyone using for dash protection? Just a sunshade? Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. Restore it, Don't crush it. They don't make them like this anymore.


Scott 85 Turbo, original owner, restored 93 NA Babied. Thanks for the info, I like the hard dash cover, it's permanent though, not sure how I feel about that. And even when the dash is installed right, over time it peels up. Pick your poison. Find a full decent one and just replace it. My 84' is in pretty good shape but I had a dashcover on it for years, the company that makes them was in PHX when I was living there so they did the install and used too much of that 2x tape.

I had it removed about 10 years ago now that I don't have constant exposure to the sun and the car mostly sits in garage. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.Z1 Dashboard What's new in Version Z1 Analyzer What's new in Version Manual Manual FAQs. Garage Display. When you step out of the car you still need to know how the session went. The various garage screen give you information on lap times, fuel usage, competitors, sector times, replays, and even allows you to take notes.

Learn More Z1 Analyzer. The Z1 Analyzer application is aimed at improving the most important part of the car - you the driver! With its easy to read analysis screens ranging from a track walk to individual turns analysis, the Z1 Analyzer helps you improve without requiring a PhD in physics to understand loads of graphs.

Z1 Server. The Z1 Server application allows you to broadcast your sim's data to any computer on your network. The Z1 Dashboard can then read that data, so you can now run the Z1 Dashboard on any computer on your network. Z1 LCD Screen. Need a screen to run the software on? Want to reduce CPU usage? The software is designed with this box in mind, matching its x pixel resolution with a touch panel for maximum results.

Used By Porsche.

z31 dashboard

The Z1 Dashboard is used in simulators by many companies including Porsche. Dashboard Switching. With over dashboards the Z1 has you covered. Dashboard Switching lets you cycle through multiple dashboards at the click of a button. Need to know when to pit, how much fuel you need, where your competitors are, what your lap times are, just click to the appropriate dashboard. Track Maps. With 11 variations, the track maps let you easily see which cars are in the pits; which are on track; which are ahead of you; which are behind you; and which are in your class Virtual Engineer.

You are in the car to race! Let the Z1 take care of the engineering and strategy for you. Where is your competition; when should you pit; how much fuel do you need; who is in front or behind you; how is the weather; how do you compare to the other drivers.So you got your Z and want to listen to some tunes but your Stock Head unit is just not cutting it any more.

Upgrading your Z31 Tunes isn't a hard job but will take some work to do it correctly. So in the 80's Nissan was one of the companies that decided to show what they can do with Technology and the ZX is a fine example of top of the line 80's Tech.

The Audio system in the zx had many advance features for its time. I'll explain what all this means below. Because of the Advanced features found in the zx, installing your aftermarket head unit will require more work than just buying a mount kit and harness connector. Here are some of the things you Run into when tackling this upgrade. This keeps you from shorting out the circuit and blowing fuses. Now place the hand brake on and move your shifter to the rear most position.

Pull the ash tray out with a firm tug to reveal the two screws that hold the lower part of the bezel. Now with a Phillips 2 screwdriver remove the two screws that were behind the ashtray. With the same screwdriver remove the two upper most screws that are hidden under the lip of the top of the trim bezel. With the bezel loose, Carefully pull the bezel out to gain access to the connectors for the lighter and its light.

Unplug these and place the bezel in a safe place. Now you have access to the radio and climate control bracket. This is held in with 4 10mm bolts. Two on top like the bezel and two on the bottom under the head unit. With these bolts removed you can pull the radio and climate control out to access the electrical plugs. Carefully remove all the plugs and pull the mount out being careful not to hit your shifter. With the mount removed you will see the screws holding the stock head unit to the mount.

Remove all 4 screws and the stock unit should slide from the mount including the trim panel. Now that you have the unit out you will see the wiring harness for the stock head unit. Depending on your model gl or gll you will need to wire your new head unit to this. This is where Tap connectors come in handy to not cut your stock harness. Below I will list the Wires to look for and what they will need to connect to on your new aftermarket harness.

Wire Use.

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Stock Color. Aftermarket Color. Yellow with Green Trace. Blue with Red Trace. None in harness. Black Ground to chassis. Green with black trace.


Blue with white trace Check your Manual. Red with Green trace. Orange Check your Manual. Red with White trace. Right Front. Blue with White trace.How were the models named? What are the visual differences in the years of the US Z31s? Are there any special editions?

How much power does the Z31 have? What are the trim levels? What should I look for when buying a Z31? I just bought a Z31, what should I do first? What's this I hear about a fuel injector recall?

Are there any other recalls I should know about? Z31 production information. Common Z31 problems: Climate control issues. Digital Dash issues. Oil Pressure issues. Fuel Level issues. Clutch Pedal issues. Head Light issues. Brake and Tail Light issues. Cruise Control issues. Water Leaking issues. Squeaking fan in headliner. How do I decode my model plate info?Included in this package was an upgraded stereo and digital climate controls.

The digital dashes have a fairly common habit of going bad. Usually it just completely goes out or items start to disappear. Here is a listing of the most Common, and how to fix them. Testing the Display zx Non Turbo Digital Dash Test To run the self-diagnostics on the dash do the following: With the ignition off, hold the two trip odometer buttons in and turn on the ignition Don't start itlet the buttons go once the diagnostics start and watch for dead segments.

Digital Speedometer reads "0" all the time. If the speedometer bar and digital display reads "0" all the time chances are the speed sensor has failed or the speedometer cable has broken.

The sensor is assembled and then "potted". That is, the ends are sealed with a black epoxy material which, in theory, should make it weather proof. However, as the epoxy ages, it shrinks, cracks or pulls away from the sensor body. It's only a matter of time before water or salt enters and does the nasty.

The easiest thing to test is whether or not the cable is good. The speed sensor is a round object mounted to the fender well near the battery with the speedometer cable and red, green, black and yellow wires attached to it See Image to Right.

Remove the cable from the speed sensor first by unscrewing the locking ring. Be sure to watch for a black plastic alignment ring as you pull it apart watch. Don't loose it. Prop the cable up so you can observe the "Square" end of the cable.

Put the car in 5th gear and roll the car forwards or backwards 3 or 4 feet. If the cable is good you should see it rotate a half a turn or so. If it turns check the speed sensor next. To test the speed sensor you will need small insulated alligator clips, a multi-meter preferably analog, digital is ok also and a 5 or 6 volts DC source for bench testing Click Image at Left.

You can use 12 volts from the car battery with a ohm will do current limit resistor in series if the sensor is still in the car. Do not use 12 volts directly! Attach the alligator clips to the three contacts in the connector ensuring the are not shorting together.

Connect the multi-meter negative to the black wire and positive to the yellow wire. Set the multi-meter to the 10 or K ohm range, which ever gives you the best resolution. Slowly turn the shaft of the sensor. If the sensor is good you will see the needle of the sensor swing back and forth.

If you are using a digital, the resistance should swing from about ohms to over a meg or infinity. If you have made your connections properly and you see no deflection in the meter, the sensor is likely to be bad.

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z31 dashboard

They could be due for a letdown. And who better to serve it to them than old Eli, potentially on his way out of the division for good. Marcas Grant: Jimmy Garoppolo will be a top 10 quarterback nfl. Last week, Garoppolo looked poised and in command of the offense against a much better Bears defense, throwing for 293 yards (and an interception that could rightfully have been called a fumble) and moving the offense effectively.

This time out, he'll have another full week of practice under his belt and that increased comfort level could translate to 300-plus yards and a couple of scores. James Koh: Rex Burkhead, for the third week in a row, will score two touchdownsThe Patriots should control this game versus Miami pretty handily and Burkhead has become a staple in this offense.

Big lead, running back, you do the math. Miami has given up the fifth-most fantasy points to running backs over the last four weeks and while most are expecting a good game from Sexy Rexy in the Flexy, I'm boldly predicting a massive game to the tune of 100-plus total yards and two total touchdowns. Michael Fabiano: Fabiano: Russell Wilson will score 18 or more fantasy points in Jacksonville. This might not seem that bold, but the Jaguars haven't allowed a single quarterback to hit the 18-point mark in standard scoring leagues this season.

That could have some fantasy fans worried about Wilson's prospects, but let's take a look at some of the signal-callers who have faced Jacksonville. Joe Flacco and Ryan Mallett. Josh McCown (before he was putting up huge numbers). Blaine Gabbert (and he scored 17. Their defense simply hasn't faced a quarterback of Wilson's skill set, and he's the highest-scoring player in fantasy football.

Wilson might not give you 30 fantasy points, but he won't give you a stinker, either.

z31 dashboard

Cynthia Frelund: Marshawn Lynch is a top-10 running back this week. I know Chiefs' cornerback Marcus Peters isn't playing and Raiders' wideouts Michael Crabtree and potentially even Amari Cooper could both return.

However, in addition to being vulnerable to the pass, the Chiefs defense has also given up the most rushes of 10-plus and the second-most rushes of four-plus yards. I'm not saying receivers in this game aren't a good choice, but I don't think that means it's not a ground-heavy game script. Adam Rank: Rank: DeShone Kizer finishes as a Top-11 quarterback nfl.

But how about a little love for his quarterback, DeShone Kizer. He's showing some signs.

1987 300zx (Z31) dash removal 2

The completion percentage is low. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of Mike Trout's batting average (And how about Shohei Ohtani joining that loaded team. I can't want to see how fantasy baseball handles a guy who pitches and bats).

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But he's got a good matchup this week. The Packers are 26th in the league against the pass. They rank 28th on third down. Kizer has some pretty intriguing weapons around him. Matt "Franchise" Franciscovich: Andre Ellington finishes as a top-15 PPR running back. It's bold because Lamar Miller is the obvious primary running back for Houston, and will get the majority of the volume as a runner. But we saw Ellington play 44 snaps last week, 77 percent of which came in the slot.

Houston needed him to play wide receiver because they lost Bruce Ellington, Braxton Miller and tight end C.


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