Types of voodoo dolls

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Types of voodoo dolls

If we explored voodoo deeper, however, we would find a rich and diverse spiritual practice. We would see that voodoo dolls are not instruments of evil. Rather, they are instruments of intent.

Voodoo is a religion that has been carried all around the globe, and all voodoo stems from ancient Africa. There, the religion is largely untouched by foreign influence, with thousands of years of indigenous tradition and heritage backing it up. The Loa are our dead ancestors and the messengers of the Creator. They influence the daily affairs of the living, especially when it comes to love, money, family, happiness, justice or revenge. There is not much that is as closely tied to voodoo as the voodoo doll.

African shamans started using dolls as a way to communicate with the Loa, like their dead ancestor, for guidance. The voodoo doll proved to be a reliable tool, for after thousands of years it is still used for important rituals. In the days following Christopher Columbus' exploration of the new world, voodoo began to change.

As droves of African slaves were brought to the Americas, religions and customs began to mix. Voodoo became a mish-mash of European folk magic, Native American healing arts and Catholicism. This caused voodoo dolls to be used in a variety of different ways than it used to be, such as using colored pins. There are many types of voodoo dolls for all purposes, such as love, healing, empowerment, guidance, fertility or cursing.

Some dolls are made into talismans or even teaching aids for children. The color of the doll has very strong inclinations for its intended purpose. These seven colors are also found on pins and needles. They are stuck into the doll to emphasize the intention. The voodoo doll is often meant to address the spirit of a particular person.

It can be used to summon the spirit through the Loa so that it hears your plea and makes manifest your desires, wishes and wants. To communicate with a person's spirit, pin an intimate charm or token of that person to the doll, such as a lock of hair, a picture or a piece of clothing.

types of voodoo dolls

You can talk directly to the spirit through the doll, appeal to it, ask it questions or persuade it to do something for you. It is up to you. Either hold the doll or place it on an altar where you can focus on it. You can add special items, like anointing oils, to increase the power of the doll and make the message clearer. Candle magic is especially effective for sending your message clear into the spirit world. We should know by now that voodoo is not evil, and most rituals are intended for well-being.

During the slave days, however, the slaves would use voodoo dolls as secret self-defense against the slave owners. The mistaken belief that voodoo dolls are only used for harm and vengeance most likely came from the trauma of this history. It is important to note that focusing energy in this way can easily result in karmic backlash, such as depression, conflicts or bad luck.

Traditionally, voodoo dolls are blessed by a priest or medicine man to carry positive vibrations and healing light to avoid such things. Our botanica offers over 10, religious and spiritual products.

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Site Information.The term Voodoo doll is commonly employed to describe an effigy into which pins are inserted. The form of the voodoo doll as it is most commonly understood is based on a magical practice that historically derived from Europe rather than Africa or the Americas.

The link between this magical practice and Voodoo was established through the presentation of the latter in Western popular culture enduring the first half of the 20th century. In the film, Lisztomaniaa voodoo doll is used, resembling Franz Liszt. By the early 21st century, the image of the voodoo doll had become particularly pervasive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Voodoo doll disambiguation.

Effigy into which pins are inserted. Armitage, Natalie In Ceri Houlbrook and Natalie Armitage eds. Oxford: Oxbow. CS1 maint: uses editors parameter link Faraone, Christopher A. Classical Antiquity. Hutton, Ronald Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hidden categories: Articles with short description CS1 maint: uses editors parameter. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.The idea of Voodoo dolls sparks fear and conjures up images of violent and bloodthirsty revenge in popular films, books, and oral histories in North America.

These stories report that Voodoo dolls are made by Caribbean cult members who bear a grudge against an enemy. The maker thrusts pins into the doll, and the target is cursed with misfortune, pain, and even death. Are Voodoo dolls real? Voodoo, more properly spelled Vodou, is a real religion—not a cult—practiced in Haiti and other places in the Caribbean.

Vodou practitioners do make dolls, but they use them for completely different purposes than revenge. Vodou dolls are used to help people with healing and as a way to communicate with deceased loved ones. The idea of effigy dolls as a channel for evil forces unleashed in a ritual is a myth that comes not from the Caribbean, but from the very heart of western civilization: the ancient Middle East. The Voodoo dolls that are sold in shops in New Orleans and elsewhere are small human effigies, made from two sticks tied in a cross shape to make a body with two arms sticking out.

The shape is often covered in a brightly colored triangle of cloth and sometimes Spanish moss is used to fill out the body form. The head is of black cloth or wood, and it often has rudimentary facial features: eyes, nose, and a mouth.

They are often decorated with feathers and sequins, and they come with a pin or a dagger, and instructions on how to use it. These Voodoo dolls are strictly made for the tourist market in places like New Orleans or the Caribbean, where they are sold as inexpensive mementos in tourist shops, in open-air markets, and thrown during parades. They are not used by actual Vodou practitioners.

Human effigies such as the Voodoo dolls—both the authentic ones and the ones sold in shops—are examples of figurines, representations of humans that are characteristic of many different cultures, beginning with the Upper Paleolithic so-called " Venus figurines.

There are many ideas about their purposes, none of which include revenge. The oldest examples of figurines that were made specifically to harm or affect another individual date to Assyrian rituals from the first millennium BCE, such as Bronze age Akkadian texts 8th-6th centuries BCEa tradition also practiced in Greco-Roman Egypt of the first and second centuries CE. In Egypt, dolls were made and then a binding curse was performed, sometimes accomplished by poking pins in them.

One Mesopotamian inscription from the 7th century BCE reveals one king cursing another:. The idea of evil Voodoo dolls as seen in Hollywood horror films may be much younger, from the s when thousands of "cashew dolls" were imported to the United States from Haiti.

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These were made of cashew shells, and had eyes made of the jequirity bean, a form of castor bean which when swallowed by young children can cause serious injury or death. The U.There are different types of voodoo but the main three types I will discuss in this article with are given below.

This type of Voodoo Doll can be use to make pain in the body this pain can be for short time and can affect a person for long time, in this type of voodoo dolls black magic the victim suffers from headaches stomach pain and different pains in body, the point where the magician inserts the needle the victim feels pain in that body point.

Voodoo Doll Symptoms And Dispose Of A Voodoo Doll

This type of voodoo dolls can be use to perform the black magic attacks for love these dolls can be use to bring two lovers closer or to make someone separate from each other also this type of black magic and voodoo normally magician use to separate the relation of husband wife or to make love and to make some one fall in love.

This is another worst form of voodoo in which the magician made a doll and do some alter to call the witches and gives them the path to attack the victims body and destroys his health and body parts. In this type of black magic the eyes mouth head shoulders arms legs stomach can be hurt through this type of magic, the witches hurts the body parts.

This type of dolls the magician use for their own protection and the the spell casters are commonly uses this type of voodoo dolls for the protection from spell works, this type of dolls is made by the special material herbs and other special items uses to make this type of doll and the magician or spell caster than place it in their house or any other place where they sit for doing their ritual, alters and spells, if the other magician tries to attack the magician this dolls black magic makes protection and makes a blockage and defends the black magic with black magic and creates a barriers between the black magic attack and the magician.

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This type of voodoo is only used by the dirty magician and this practices can only be found in Africa now days where the magician are practicing these type of high level of dirty forms of black magic.

In this type of black magic the magician makes an doll using the material can easily be melt able or dilutable able and after recite mantras on that dolls and call the satan after performing this alter once the satan comes and the magician impose them on the person through this voodoo doll.

This type of doll is made when the magician want to make a person fall in different type of diseases and blockages, this type of doll is also known as the doll of destruction, also in this case of Voodoo Dolls Black magic the magician performs different types of dirty alters on the dolls and the victim suffers from different type of diseases one and after another more worst than before.

Voodoo doll

The African Voodoo is know as the worst voodoo around the world and lot of spell casters and magicians you can find in South Africa they have been practicing different types of black magic from diverted back to them from their ancestors. The African voodoo practitioners commonly uses this type of doll to control the voodoo attack on them. This type of black magic usually the magicians use to destroy the beauty of a person the magicians makes a voodoo doll and after recite the satanic words on the doll and calls the satan to attack on the person for who he want to make suffer from black magic.

This top voodoo dolls known as the worst black magic dolls around the world. This type of voodoo doll is used to hurt the victim or to fall him in continues illness and medical problems the magician make this type of doll and after use different types of oils and needles to insert them in to the doll to make diseases in victims body.

For returning attacks of black magic this doll can also be used, and one more thing that this type of black magic takes more time to cure because when the magician made this type of doll the magician takes time to perform the black magic some time it takes weeks of time depending upon the intensity of black magic.

This type of voodoo dolls the magician makes to create the artificial beauty and attraction around the peoples. The TV, Movies and Drama artists and public figures personalities usually uses this type of black magic voodoo doll and holds this doll with them, This type of voodoo attracts other peoples towards the person who has this doll. The magician takes couple of weeks time to perform this type of black magic and uses different types of fragrances and spacial materials to make this type of voodoo doll for beauty and attraction.

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Tags: Dispose Of A Voodoo Doll how voodoo dolls black magic works Voodoo Doll Symptoms voodoo dolls black magic symptoms what is voodoo dolls black magic. May 23, October 20, May 27, Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Types of Voodoo Dolls Black Magic The first type of voodoo works with the cloths nails hairs or any other thing which the victim wears or touch. The second type of voodoo works with dead animals and the magician uses the dead animals and their body parts to perform black magic on others.

types of voodoo dolls

The third type of voodoo works with mantra commonly known as satanic words, this third type is worst because this type of voodoo only works with help of satan and satans teaches these words to magician and helps him in performing the altar. The pain moves in different part of body. Sometime in worst cases the returning voodoo attacks hurts the victim on same time in morning and evening and the victim suffers from different types of pain on same time daily.

The mental health gradually destroys and the victims mind blocks. For long term voodoo dolls black magic curses makes too much mental health problems.

The victim of voodoo suffers from swear depression and anxiety.They can be made out of different materials. They can be made out of fabric and stuffed with moss and herbs.

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Some Voodoo Dolls are made from sticks tied together. Some people use corn dollies and some make them from wax. Regardless of the material that makes the doll, one thing is absolutely essential for the doll to have any chance of success. It must contain personal taglocks from the target. The taglocks are what links the doll to its target and the more personal the better.

Taglocks can include hair, skin, blood, nail clippings, and handwriting. These would be very good taglocks. Other things that can also be used fabric from clothes worn by the target, jewelry that has been worn by the target, and anything else that has a personal connection to the person.

The most popular type of Voodoo doll is made from cloth. It is stuffed with Spanish moss and a variety of particular herbs and objects.

How Do Voodoo Dolls Actually Work?

Each person has their own method for creating a Voodoo doll. Once the doll has been assembled, then it is time to add little details to the doll. Usually a picture of the targets face is used.

Any identifying characteristics that the target has are added to the doll. This can be in the form of tattoos, scars, birth marks, etc. Once the doll is complete, then a spell is placed on the doll to link it with the target. Voodoo dolls can be used for many different situations. The most popular is for matters of love.

But a Voodoo doll can also be used for protection, to harm, to lose weight, for good luck, or for bad, and for numerous other situations. The idea for working with Voodoo dolls is Symbolism. To put yourself in control, you wrap something personal around the doll, as I mentioned before.

You actually tie it all around the doll, binding him, like you are making him a prisoner and he cannot get free. People use different things for this. But your own hair is one of the strongest and it works well to braid it with a ribbon so that you can actually tie it around the doll. For it to be even more binding, you put a few drops of your blood on the ribbon as well.

In the blood. It is fine for you to open a doll to add something in-just be sure that nothing falls out. Putting a small picture of your face within the dolls head is fine.

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types of voodoo dolls

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